Hide Yamamoto in Singapore

7 Oct
The opening of Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands this past August has largely been overshadowed by the fanfare surrounding all the other mega celebrity chef restaurants. Luckily for me, friends K and L managed to get the scoop on this great new addition to Singapore’s dining scene.
Hide Yamamoto is a multi-concept restaurant – basically this means that it is a great place for fickle diners like me. You can reserve a table at any of the restaurant’s 4 sections – sushi, robatayaki, ramen or teppanyaki, or you can also move around from one section to another. We started our dinner at the sushi counter and ended up 2 hours later at the ramen section. While some menu items can be cross-ordered, ramen is strictly a no-go at the sushi counter due to the distracting aroma.
We started our meal with a bang. Our chef enthusiastically recommended the day’s freshest toro. He claimed this was “the best toro ever”. How could we say no to that?
This really was very very good toro – firm yet melts in your mouth. A warning though, this small platter of toro costs us a BOMB, something like $150. That’s around $15 per piece. In retrospect, we should’ve discreetly asked for the price before ordering. Lesson learned.
More sashimi…
Ankimo or steamed monkfish liver. Tastes very rich and creamy like foie gras but less oily and more smooth.
Scallops in 2 styles – grilled and pan fried in a buttery sauce. Both excellent.
I can’t live without my uni
Beef nigiri for those whole like it raw
Besides the toro, this was probably my next favorite dish – fugu kara-age or deep-fried pufferfish. I’m not an adventurous eater nor a daredevil in other aspects of life, so the idea of eating potentially lethal fish (with no antidote!) has never appealed to me. But this one time, I thought why the H not! You only live once, right?! Well, I ate the fugu and it was actually very good – flavorful yet clean.
Steamed clam in broth 
Tempura maki – not sure if Hide Yamamoto is the right place to order an overpriced maki, but we were still really hungry and needed some carbs to fill us up.
When the maki still failed to bring us any closer to being full, we decided to try the ramen.
We ordered the traditional miso ramen 
And one cold ramen for variety’s sake

Both ramens were passable, but Singapore definitely has much better ramen options out there. And for $20-30 a bowl, I would recommend going elsewhere if ramen is what you are looking for. It wasn’t flavorful enough and the noodles were a bit soggy. The ramen also fell short in comparison to the sushi counter, which I think is as good as Tatsuya at Goodwood Park or Shiraishi at Ritz Carlton.

Overall, nay for Hide Yamamoto ramen but a definite YAY for the sushi counter. Next stop will be the teppan and robata tables…

Hide Yamamoto
8 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands L2-05 (enter from the shopping mall to avoid casino entrance)
+65 6688 7098
Open daily for lunch from 12 to 3 pm and for dinner from 6 to 11 pm

2 Responses to “Hide Yamamoto in Singapore”

  1. chan lee beng November 26, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    the sushi looks great, esp the uni and sashimi dishes. i am starting to get addicted to your blog! as there have been no recent posts, i find myself delving through your past ones. i can only afford to eat well once a month, meaning while i like good food, the ostentatious part of it is not an important factor to me. Your blog breezes through such fancy restaurants with such casualness, it makes it less intimidating and really makes me want to save up for the food u recommend!!

    • eatingsumo November 30, 2010 at 11:08 am #

      Thanks Lee Beng! I try to cover all price points, as long as they are good so hope you get to try them!

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